Fees, scholarships & financial awards

After what will I learn, where will I live and will I love it, the big question remains: how much will it cost?

Fees, Scholarships and Financial AidIf you're on your way to King's, you may favour neo-platonists over numbers—and so we've streamlined our money matters to a series of tables, how-tos and explanatory pages.

The fee estimates table provides a look at the integrated cost of joining us at the college. For  details of those fees, view the tuition breakdown, residence fees and meal plan options pulled out from each other. Finally, learn the steps to checking your tuition balance, paying fees, and accessing financial information.

The Scholarships & Financial Aid section will outline your different  options and opportunities for awards and financial support, including scholarships, bursaries and student loans.

If you leave this section with questions unanswered, please contact the Student Accounts Office for fee and financial aid inquiries or the Registrar's Office for scholarship concerns. We're here to help.