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For many new students at King's, Halifax is a new home. Worry not—this city will welcome you as quickly as the College.

Halifax WaterfrontThe majority of our students call locations outside of this city, province and country home. As they discover each corner of the King's campus, they also begin to uncover the beautiful place that houses their new school—that is, if they venture beyond the Quad.

It's not an exception that a student makes it to graduation without fully exploring Halifax, as the convenience and tight-knit community found at King's is enough to keep our students glued to the campus for their time here at the College. But we urge students to extend their experience as undergraduates out into the city, as Halifax, too, has a vibrant and refreshing culture to offer.

In the same way the College blends its intimate community with the seemingly endless possibilities at Dalhousie, Halifax has successfully achieved a balance between small town charm and the big city experience. Brimming with institutions for higher learning, thriving local businesses, and a rich arts and music scene, Halifax is alive with an intellectual and creative energy that quickly fills up the city's collective calendar with events and activities. This lively attitude is complemented with the warmth of a community where a barista learning your “regular” by heart, running into friends on the street, or finding a niche perfectly cut for your talents is more than just a possibility. Halifax's modest size also means its citizens aren't afraid to spark spirited initiatives and events, and dive into courageous career paths and projects, all with the knowledge and motivation that their impact will be measureable.

Housing this community spirit is a port city whose streets, boardwalks and pathways will captivate you again and again. Each neighbourhood, rubbing elbows with the next, embodies a unique aesthetic: from the candy-coloured townhouses of the North End to the wrapping decks and patios of the South End; from the canopied trees of the West End, to the lofts, chic condos and renovated heritage homes of the downtown core.

At the base of it all is the Halifax Waterfront, a place that comes to life with the annual Busker Festival, alFresco filmFesto, visits from the Tall Ships, tented concerts and the lure of warm nights by the water. Right nex tdoor is the Halifax Brewery, home to the Halifax Farmers’ Market, a much-loved Saturday morning destination stuffed with musicians, crafts, fresh local produce and familiar faces.

Halifax’s pubs, eateries, boutiques and coffee shops, populating the busy downtown streets and bleeding up toward the universities and out toward the art-soaked North End, make up a community of their own. Many supporting local products (from brews to designs), these inviting spots will become your hangouts and your havens, providing background to study sessions, retail therapy, meals with friends and nights on the town.

Pack your thermos, throw in a few books, grab a friend and explore. Halifax awaits you—and you’ll be back to the Quad soon.