Bartolomeu Velho's Figure of the Heavenly Bodies


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History of Science and Technology Programme

What is the meaning of life, and what is time? How did we come to believe that the earth moves and that we descend from apes? Is there a threat from our technology? And where does religion stand in all of this?

 Introduction to the History of Science (HSTC 1200)


Science and technology infuse every aspect of modern life, including the conditions of our work and play, our self understanding, how we relate to our environments, what trustworthy knowledge is and where to find it. But this has not always been the case. Exploring the history of science and technology, even as far back as Antiquity, helps us better understand our present and consider our future.


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We see science and technology as lively and complex interactions between knowledge, practice, and society. We explore both the theoretical aspects and cultural expressions of science and technology. By bringing together historical, philosophical, sociological and other approaches from the humanities, HOST offers a truly interdisciplinary learning space, where the sciences and the humanities can meet in dialogue.