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King's Co-op Bookstore

The King’s Co-op Bookstore is an independent bookstore owned by the students and run for the students.

The King’s Co-op Bookstore came to life in the summer of 2006. Dissatisfied with the price of required course texts, students pushed for a democratically run, student-owned bookstore. Led by President of the King’s Student Union Dave Jerome (BScH ’09) and Financial Vice President Graham McGillivray (BSc ’07), the Bookstore began to take shape and on August 8, 2006 the first book was sold.

Since that summer, the King’s Co-op Bookstore has evolved into much more than a place to pick up your required readings. It is open to students and the public five days a week, nine-to-five and offers everything from King’s rugby jerseys, philosopher dolls and Moleskine notebooks to graphic novels and any Oxford Very Short Introduction you can imagine. If there is a book you’re looking for that’s not in-store, Carolyn Gillis, the King’s Co-op Bookstore Manager, and her friendly staff will be more than happy to make a special order.

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