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King's Students' Union

The KSU is made up of your peers—fellow students our small campus will make sure you get to know—who, together, offer you services and guidance you can't help but notice.

If you want to know exactly what the King's Students' Union (KSU) is, here's its constitutionally-bound, by-the-book definition: an organization comprised of every student who attends the University of King's College. The union's goal is to represent the continually shifting will of the student body, and to offer services that further this end.

But to many, the KSU means so much more.

To some, it's a job. And this isn't just for the five executive members—the president, vice president (student life), vice president (financial), vice president (external), and vice president (communications)—whose lifeblood is the very livelihood of the union and its constituents. This is also the case for the councillors who volunteer every other Sunday to serve the students and their specific interests; for the numerous union-hired positions, from the chief returning officer to the health plan administrator to the yearbook editor to the events coordinator, all of which offer student employment; for everyone who works in the Wardroom, the union-operated campus bar; and for all the people who come out to campaigns, who help with committee work, who attend the bi-annual General Meetings, who just get involved because they see the passion toward the student movement and want to help in whatever way they can.

To others, it's a provider of services. The KSU supports students with specialized interests or campaigns through vibrant societies, which allows for access to funding and executive guidance. And because the union is a member of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), an organization that works locally, provincially and nationally toward the elimination of barriers to quality post-secondary education, it offers a comprehensive health and dental plan to students who don't have anything above their basic provincial plans. The KSU's work with the CFS also means that it can represent students on a larger scale, and can also connect them with other local social justice organizations in Halifax. Finally, the union is also responsible for  Orientation Week, the Wardroom, the free student agendas, Graduation Week, and the email newsletter This Week at King's.

So yes, the KSU is by and large a sort of vast, ineffable, perhaps overwhelming clockwork of moving parts. But everyone within this union has their own interests and skills of which the whole is always in need. Getting involved is as easy as coming to a General Meeting, which occurs once a semester and allows the KSU to be truly governed by its members. Students can also attend any of the council meetings held every other Sunday, or simply drop in at the KSU Office in the Link between the A&A and the NAB for some coffee and talk.

But most fundamentally, details aside, the King's Students' Union is ultimately what the students make of it. Head to www.ksu.ca for more information.