Designed to complement your academic experience, residence provides a safe and supportive environment that encourages your personal success and growth. More >>


The Athletics Department holds the philosophy that athletics enhance the entire university experience by providing opportunities for physical development and personal enjoyment. More >>


In any given year, the King's Students' Union may sponsor more than 50 societies. The activities of the societies are as varied as the interests and talents that students bring to them. More >>


Tucked into the corner of the quad, the chapel houses both a warm and inviting community as well as the beautiful, captivating music of the chapel choir. More >>


By "integrated" experience, we really mean it. At King's, students will find extracurricular activites that represent a blending of the academic and the social. More >>

Life on Campus

There is no limit to the creativity of a King's student and our diverse, kaleidoscopic campus life is proof.

It's impossible to miss out on campus life at King's. Walk through any door and you'll land in the middle of it: a dress rehearsal in the Pit, a wine and cheese party in a common room, a game of pool or foosball in the Wardroom, a budding photographer at work in the darkroom, or the choir singing in the chapel. Walk out any door and you'll land in the centre of the quad, a space that invites you to curl up under a tree as you tackle the next day's reading, or to pull out your guitar (clarinet, accordion, bagpipes—we welcome it all) and jam with a few friends. 
Beyond the tight-rope walkers, tree climbers and bocce ball players that pepper the quad spontaneously, King's also has a campus life is rooted in traditional events and a myriad of student-run groups and initiatives. From an ever-growing roster of societies to a thriving music community and an enthusiastic and dedicated athletics department, everything is in place for King's students to bring their passion and energy to the extracurricular side of their education.




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Encaenia 2014: Five honorary doctorates to be conferred

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June 27, 2014 - June 29, 2014

225th Anniversary Weekend

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Final FYP lecture: The art of being off-balance

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Extra FYP lecture: "Zwicky's Lyric and Ecology"

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