Men's varsity rugby

Men's RugbyMen's rugby is one of the oldest sports played at King's College. It is open to all players who want to try the sport.

The team has spent the majority of its seasons competing in the Nova Scotia University Club League, after the Atlantic College Athletic Association varsity league folded, but continues to receive varsity status support from the King's Athletics Department.

 The men's team has competed in the playoffs for the past six years, and remains hungry is for its first championship. The team also fields successful seven-a-side teams in provincial tournaments, including a championship at the Truro Indoors 7s tournament in 2009.

Players enjoy a strong sense of off-field camaraderie, and are a major part of the social life of King's. They are easily identified by their propensity to break into a group sing. The team also regularly participates in fundraising initiatives on campus, throughout the city, and as far abroad as Cuba and Barbados, where they have sent teams on goodwill tours in partnership with foreign clubs, visiting schools and homes to help out.

The team has evolved over the years into something bigger than just a sport, and this year promises to be no different, say coach John Adams.



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