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Residence is more than just a convenient place to live. It is a community of thinkers who are involved in a shared academic experience.


The majority of King's students live in residence during their first year of study and enroll in the Foundation Year Programme. Life in our residences is intentionally structured around FYP, which encourages students to think together about the ideas contained in the primary texts they are reading.

Our residential community also boasts an eclectic mix of upper year students, most of whom have studied FYP and are currently studying in the Upper Year Programmes at King's or in the many different academic departments of Dalhousie University.

Many of the live-in dons who supervise residence life are also graduates of FYP and many are graduate students or teach in FYP. The result is a lively community of thinkers outside the classroom, who challenge one another about how they live and think.

But it’s not all work, of course. If  you live in King’s residence, you will enjoy a wide variety of social events and activities, from monthly Formal Meal and movie night marathons, to intramural sports, playing music with your friends, participating in the King's Theatrical Society, and the annual tea party on George III Day. There is something for everyone.

Tremendous bonds of friendship develop between our students, dons, and faculty, which makes for an outstanding, transformative academic experience. Our graduates often speak of their time in residence as a highlight of their undergraduate career.