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Unique Backgrounds & Perspectives

Why come to King's if you're…

From Halifax?

The University of King's College offers a fulfilling alternative to leaving Halifax. Nestled on the corner of the Dalhousie University campus, King's is a rare educational gem in your own backyard. We provide a distinct style of learning where small class sizes and academic excellence are our priority.

Students from across Canada and around the world arrive each year to take the renowned Foundation Year Programme, and continue on in our unrivaled upper-year programmes or to study in our respected School of Journalism. For you, this opportunity is in your hometown—take advantage of the unique education that is only steps away.

By attending King's, you'll be able to stay close to your family and friends, and a city you've called home. When students from other places surround you come September, and you can guide them with your expertise of the area, you'll gain a new appreciation for the things that make Halifax a terrific place to be a student.

On campus, local students are an integral part of student culture: with myriads of student-driven initiatives, and the camaraderie of the Day Student's Society, you'll always be welcomed into the King's community.

From elsewhere in Nova Scotia?

When choosing a university, some students decide to study away and, although the lure of attending school in another part of the country is tempting, the benefits of staying close to home can be just as enticing. As a prospective student from elsewhere in the province, you can profit from the limitless opportunities available at King's; an internationally recognized institution for interdisciplinary studies and liberal arts located in your own back yard.

It's hard to find a city more suited to university life than Halifax. This port city, recently touted as Canada's quintessential college town by The Globe and Mail, is big enough to be diverse, yet small enough to be comfortable and safe. And King's is just a 15-minute walk from Halifax's vibrant downtown core, where you'll find a rich arts and music scene, the beauty of the waterfront and as many cozy cafés as bustling pubs.

For Atlantic Canadians, attending King's means you'll be far enough away to enjoy the full university experience and yet you'll still be close to home. It's easy to hop on a bus, shuttle, train or plane for a weekend with your family.

From elsewhere in Canada?

The east coast is home to a lifestyle unique to any other corner of this country. We pride ourselves on a relaxed—but not idle—way of life that embraces adventure and values community. At King's we've bottled up this mentality, and our students are propelled by initiative, passion and care for those and that around them. The majority of these students are, like you, from outside of the province and so we're a group of diverse individuals, each bringing different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to the table.

Contrary to popular belief, the weather on the East Coast is not all snowstorms and hurricanes. Because we're on the water, the ocean air tends to keep our weather fairly mild in the summer and winter, and graces us with a sunny and warm fall. The seaside coast does make for windy weather at times, but that same location provides us with a beautiful waterfront, quaint nearby coastal communities, and quick access to beaches and the water.

Couple the lure of the Halifax and King's community with the exceptional academics the College and you have an undergraduate experience not found anywhere else.

An international student?

Each year, new students from the United States and abroad join the rapidly growing number of international students who have discovered King's, a unique school on Canada's East Coast. Our students tell us how pleased and excited they are to find us, that we are the "something different" they have been seeking.

And what is that experience? King's offers a quality education characterized by small classes and unique interdisciplinary programmes in liberal arts, science and journalism. Here, you will only find honours degrees at the undergraduate level, and our admission averages attest to the academic strength of our student body. The College also has a highly effective partnership with Dalhousie, a leading teaching and research institution, whereby our two schools share the faculties of Arts and Science. King's students can access a wide range of courses from both institutions and study in an intimate learning environment without limiting their academic options.

The decision to come to King's can also be a frugal one. Education in Canada is affordable and so when you choose to study in this country, you're reducing your costs without compromising on quality. The average annual cost for an international student at King's is approximately $25,000. Many U.S. governmental loans can be used in Canada, and we offer great health insurance for a low cost, all lending to your ability to select a university based on fit, rather than finances. And if you're interested in a school whose faculty and grads have studied and prestigious universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and Yale, whose world-renowned programmes have acted as models in this kind of education, and whose community and campus life blends the lines between academic and social, King's can be the right fit for you.


A CEGEP or transfer student?

Québec's CEGEP study provides students with the opportunity to specialize in a particular area for either one or two years. This experience can help you to both discover what you're truly interested in and make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing a university.

If you've completed one year at CEGEP, you are eligible to enter King's as a first-year student in the Foundation Year Programme, and if you've completed two years, you may be eligible for up to a full-year of transfer credits at King's. This means you could begin in the Foundation Year Programme or move into one of our upper-year interdisciplinary programmes (Contemporary Studies, Early Modern Studies and History of Science and Technology). You will also have access to programmes in the Arts and Social Sciences and Sciences at Dalhousie University.

Transfer students are also more than welcome here at King's, and we have provided detailed admissions requirement guidelines for such cases.

An IB student?

For students of the International Baccalaureate Programme, King's is a natural fit. In the Foundation Year Programme, you will apply the abilities and insights you gained through the IB Programme, and then take them to the next level.

You're used to a demanding reading load and research, argumentation and organization of writing essays. FYP is anchored in the great texts that form the foundation of the Western intellectual tradition and, with biweekly papers, it will further develop your essay-writing skills, honing your ability to form and defend arguments with clarity. You have begun to explore the ways of knowing with the IB Programme and here, you will take this understanding and set it in a larger context. As you delve, reflect, question and are questioned, you will gain insights into the development of Western civilization that will inform your views now and in the future.

As you know, well-rounded learning extends beyond the classroom. The talents and citizenry you have developed in IB can flourish at King's. With a small student body—of like-minded, passionate students—and a strong residential community, you'll find it's very easy to get involved. You will have many opportunities to let your leadership shine and to make a difference.

King's also offers competitive transfer credit recognition for IB courses, special scholarship recognition and access to personalized academic advising.